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Mix and Match any 10 bags of coffee. Regular, flavoured and decaf!


Choices include:

Amaretto Royale

Amaretto & Chocolate

Banana Sundae


Bavarian Dark Chocolate

Blackberry Brandy


Blueberry & Vanilla

Bounty Island


Butter Rum


Caramel Fudge

Chocolate Bomb

Chocolate Cherry

Chocolate Hazelnut

Chocolate Mint

Chocolate Orange

Christmas Blend


Cinnamon & Hazelnut

Coconut Cream

Creme Brulee

Dark Chocolate & Gingerbread

English Toffee

French Vanilla



Hawaiian Hazelnut

Irish Cream

Irish Cream & Hazelnut

Malt Whisky

Maple Walnut


Raspberry & Chocolate

Spiced Apple

Strawberries & Cream

Tennessee Whisky

Toasted Pecan


Turkish Delight

Vanilla Cream

Vanilla Hazelnut

White Chocolate & Strawberries


Regular Coffee


African Mocha

Blue Mountain Blend

Brazil Dark

Brazil Extra Dark

Brazil Santos

Breakfast Blend

Colombian Dark

Colombian Decaf

Colombian Medium

Continental Blend

Costa Rica

Crema Blend

Ethiopian Sidamo

European Extra Dark

French Dark

Guatemalan Extra Dark

House Blend Medium

House Blend Strong

Indian Monsoon

Italian Roast

Old Brown Java

Papua New Guinea

Rwanden Extra Dark

Sumatran Dark


10 x 200g Coffee Special

Price Options
Coffee Club
Save 10%
£33.29every month until canceled
One-time purchase
  • All of our flavoured coffees are marinated in natural oils for a minimum of 24 hours. This allows a full flavour to embrace the coffee bean. 

    All of our flavourings are sugar free and calorie free. 

    The natual oils take flavour from a mix of plant extracts and other natural sources.

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